Crackerjack Marketing
Life Science Experience
Our ability to reach a highly targeted audience with a message that informs and inspires action has translated into successful marketing initiatives at a variety of companies within the life sciences marketplace.


  • Pharmaceutical – Alimera, Allergan, Altea Therapeutics, AtheroGenics, Biogen Idec, CrossLink/Stryker, Metastatix, Solvay, UCB Pharma
  • Medical Devices – Adhezion, Aktina, Biosite, CardioMems, CryoLife, CR Bard, Elekta, Given Imaging, medDISPENSE
  • Biomedical – ADMA Biologics, IONmed, Life Therapeutics, Serologicals/Celliance, Sollage


Biosite – This provider of diagnostic tests had the opportunity to expand their market by initiating use of their BNP test in physician offices (it was already used in half of all U.S. hospitals). Recognizing that education was key, we created ads, collateral and dimensional direct mail materials that encouraged physicians to test at-risk patients as the first step to early detection and treatment of heart disease.

Elekta – An international manufacturer of radiation oncology and stereotactic radiosurgery treatment solutions, Elekta competes with aggressive companies that have more marketing muscle. Over the past eight years, we have helped Elekta hone their messaging, create strong advertising and marketing campaigns, address competitive issues and launch new products. As a result, Elekta has gained market share and actually driven down a competitor’s stock price.

CardioMems – This medical device company has created an implantable device that allows physicians to remotely monitor the pressure in an abdominal aortic aneurysm. We helped the company name the device, create a corporate identity and develop marketing materials, including a trade show booth, print ad and collateral. These efforts not only led to a successful product launch, they positioned CardioMems for future device introductions.

Serologicals – Serologicals Corporation had a network of blood plasma donor centers, and needed to generate a high volume of inbound calls from people who would continue to participate in a donation program for months, if not years. We used pictures of people who would be helped by their donation and created a heart-warming tagline: “Be Somebody’s Hero.” During peak advertising periods when donors were most needed, the ad campaign generated over 700 calls per week.