Crackerjack Marketing
Telecom Experience
Telecom has been a uniquely challenging marketplace over the past 20 years, but we’ve been there at every step, from launching cell phones and internet service, to working with leading edge technologies.


OKI telecom (10 years)
  • Branded company
  • Launched numerous products and product lines
  • Consumer and trade advertising and marketing
  • Corporate support

CenturyTel (four years)
  • Launched internet service, exceeding subscriber goals by 50%
  • Launched long distance service
  • Handled residential service campaigns – planning, creative and media
  • Assisted with corporate branding and their name change

AT&T Tridom (five years)
  • Developed marketing plan
  • Supported sales

Codecomm – Regional service launch
Alltel – Nomenclature project for mobile provider
MicroCorp – branding for a master reseller


CenturyTel – The ninth largest telecommunications company in the nation maintains a low profile, serving rural markets west of the Mississippi from its Monroe, LA headquarters. We helped the company launch its ISP service, achieving the target cost per acquisition for new subscribers. CenturyTel then asked the agency to help with its long distance launch, and then assigned the agency its residential business, after working unsuccessfully with three other agencies over a two-year period.

OKI Cellular Phones – At one time, OKI phones had a six percent market share, a strong profit margin and a U.S. manufacturing facility. As OKI’s agency for 10 years, we were the first to place cell phone advertising on CNN and The Weather Channel and the first to talk about sound quality in ads. A $3 million national consumer campaign raised name awareness by 64%. Unfortunately, OKI ended up a victim in the price wars between Motorola and Nokia.

AT&T Tridom – With an international service offering that was targeted to a range of entities,AT&T Tridom needed help segmenting and marketing product and services based upon the unique needs of each audience. From developing a marketing plan to implementing a sales support and tracking system, we provided a strong base of services to AT&T, to GE once the division was sold, and then to Gilat (an Israeli company).